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WORK: 新聞


Product Designer | Interactive Media Artist 

Yechen Zhu is a visionary product designer and interactive media artist based in New York. He paints with the algorithm, designs with code, and sketches with gravity. Originally from China, Yechen studied for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Art at Shanghai University and a Master of Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design.  The overarching aim of his research efforts has always been to create novel multi-sensory products and experiences as he believes humans' perception and understanding of the world are based on the five senses that they are born with. To this end, he focuses on lighting design, spatial olfaction computing, haptic devices, human-plant communication interfaces, and intelligent products. He is currently looking for full-time jobs.

Outside of the school, you may find him doing strength training and photographing. A condensed portfolio in PDF format could be provided upon request. Regarding the teaching portfolio, this link corresponds to the course "Air Materialized" that he taught during RISD Wintersession 2024.

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Sustainable Project


Wastes Harmonize Worlds

RISD Terra Carta Design Lab Finalists

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