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Blooming Distance - Design for the ASD

8-week Workshop held by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China

Designer: Yage Chen, Yechen Zhu


This project won the Best of the Best award in a competition jointly organized by The Central Academy of Fine Arts and BrainCo. Link.


Children with autism are often isolated due to social barriers. Without proper intervention, it is difficult for children with autism to carry out correct social activities, and social distance is an important factor in social skills. In response to this problem, in order to help children with autism to perceive and understand the social distance in social activities and make correct behaviors, we designed wearable smart Blooming Distance to help them perceive social distance.

Logic Theory

A child with autism is standing at a certain position indoors (home, classroom, coffee shop, etc.). When a person comes to socialize face-to-face with him, the distance from the child with autism is gradually shrinking to 3m, Blooming Distance will slowly bloom; but when it is less than 0.5m, it will gradually close. In this way, we encourage children with autism to get close to other people.

Design Outcome

Product Pictures


Design Process



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