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BrainCo 实习 - 在中国的最后五个月


​In the early days of my internship, I used WordPress to help optimize the structure of BrainCo's official website in China.

In the middle stage of my internship, I participated in the design of BrainCo's wearable product for sleep from scratch. The product has EEG sensors that sense the user's sleep state and use electrical stimulation and sound to help the user fall asleep better. My main role was to conduct market research on existing products to understand their pricing and treatment methods. I also made several modifications to the product design, taking into consideration factors such as the comfort of the ear portion and the comfort of the product's back end and head fixation.

In addition, I also designed a display bracket of FocusClam and gestures for controlling the Powerpoint via EMG.

Sleep Wearables Project




UX Designer

My Skills

Previous marketing  research

​Creative thinking


Morpheus Project

Market Research

Thync Relax Pro ($149)

The working principle is to stimulate the nerves at the base of the neck, entering the brain pathway that controls stress. It feels like a mild tingling sensation.

截屏2023-03-27 13.18.10.png

LUUNA Eye Mask (¥550)

Creating music through EEG and AI technology, monitoring brainwaves and transforming music through AI, changing the music according to your state, and helping you relax and fall asleep.

截屏2023-03-27 13.30.00.png

Dreamate - HIVOX ($74.9)

Dreamate combines technology, physics, and traditional Chinese medicine principles to help users sleep better by directly delivering electrical impulses to the acupoint contact points around the human body.

截屏2023-03-27 13.22.08.png

Fascia (MIT Media Lab research project)

Fascia is an intelligent sleep mask designed to promote research on natural sleep environments. The mask records physiological signals, including EEG, EOG, EMG, heart rate, head movement, and skin temperature.

截屏2023-03-27 13.33.29.png

Dreamlight (¥199~1299)

t has built-in speakers and an LED panel in front of the eyes to create a sleep atmosphere. In terms of audio, it supports mixing of four tracks and independent tuning of each track, enabling users to create their own sleep aid music by setting different brain waves according to their sleep cycles. It can also emit infrared light to help eliminate dark circles.

截屏2023-03-27 13.25.41.png


1. There are many products of eye masks on the market, most of which use visual and auditory stimulation for therapy.

2. There are relatively few products that use electrical stimulation for sleep assistance, but they are also more expensive. Products that combine eye masks with electrical stimulation feedback are relatively new and may not have many competitors on the market.


Personalized customized music. Products like LUUNA combine EEG-detected brain waves with music (white noise).

Design Inpiration

I'm interested in movies and TV shows about superpowers. X-men character - Cyclops Scott Summers is a good source of inspiration.

截屏2023-03-27 12.14.08.png

My Design Concept (function is determined)

The fixing method of the eye mask is the form of single loop braided headband. (Similar to the Apple Watch, each user has a different size band for his/her wrist.) The earphone of the eyecup is built into the side of the eyecup and can be slid to facilitate adjustment of the position. There is a silicone strip on the bottom of the eye mask to better fit the face and prevent the eye mask from leaking light. At the same time, the silicone strip can be replaced at any time, which solves the hygiene problem.


I am sensitive to the The size of the actual product.

截屏2023-03-27 12.18.48.png


截屏2023-03-27 12.44.07.png
截屏2023-03-27 12.43.24.png

First Iteration




Second Iteration


Third Iteration



Marketed product - Easleep

In November 2022, this product was launched. It helps promote sleep with CES therapy and sound waves.

Bracket Design for FocusCalm


Objective: Patterns similar to the company LOGO; Shape of the bracket: simple, futuristic, interesting.

截屏2023-03-27 15.54.41.png
截屏2023-03-27 15.50.30.png
截屏2023-03-27 15.49.11.png
截屏2023-03-27 15.52.01.png

Sketch & Rendering

截屏2023-03-27 15.52.22.png
截屏2023-03-27 15.52.34.png
截屏2023-03-27 16.15.42.png
截屏2023-03-27 16.16.38.png
截屏2023-03-27 16.16.13.png
截屏2023-03-27 16.15.17.png


Since BrainCo Hangzhou Branch does not have shops that have tools to make prototypes, some of the complex schemes that were designed were not implemented. Funding is also one of the reasons.


Gesture Design for controlling Powerpoint


截屏2023-03-28 11.17.01.png


Gestures are an important "screen" for a speaker to express emotion or content during a speech. BrainCo's technology, however, is an EMG sensor that does not detect emotional indicators such as a speaker's mood. This design is based on the discernable EMG signal, design the corresponding practical control command.




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