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PROSPECT 100 design competition Top 25

Worked with Lyla Xing (RCA GID 2023), Linxi Cao and Bingqin Yang (RCA IDE 2023) to complete a sustainable design project for clothes.


CloVerse, an all-in-one system that involves all stakeholders, transforms the traditional fashion Industry into an epic sustainable organic whole with the Kering Metaverse. It brings in the vision of an authentic green & sustainable future. In the fashion value chain, regenerative farming and conscious fashion are proposed for raw material producers, while textile manufacturers are encouraged to produce ethically. Brands are the core of the sustainable fashion value chain. Therefore, we will encourage the customers to join the community-based slow fashion. As every step in the chain can cause waste, we aim at a mushroom-inspired closed-loop system and new material for post-processing. To leverage the power of Kering Metaverse, we use blockchain technology to track all necessary information during the production and selling process.  With the help of XR glasses, we introduced a virtual wardrobe to educate our customers on Slow Fashion in a community-based digital experience. It includes keeping a record of the closet, changing shopping behavior, increasing garment usages, reducing waste during cleaning, and encouraging circular fashion.


Devoted to Innovation Design

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