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 Interaction Designer | Digital Media Artist 

Yechen Zhu is an interaction designer and digital media artist based in Providence, Rhode Island, US. The overarching aim of his research efforts has always been to create new wearables that extend human sensory ability by using sensors to transfer intangible mysteries into something mortals can feel. To this end, He focuses on sensor networks, data visualization, shape-changing, and biological materials. The most representative sensory-enhancing projects: Multi-Sensory LampInflatable PajamaPlantMax, Divcap, Sens Coffee.

Originally from China, Yechen studied digital media art at Shanghai University, Shanghai. And will receive his Master of Industrial Design degree from Rhode Island School of Design (2024). 

Outside of the school, you may find him doing strength training and photographing. He is currently interested in finding an internship in 2023.


Devoted to Innovation Design

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