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MaybriLight Sale


Thank you for visiting the MaybriLight Sale website. As you can see from the gallery, MaybriLight is multifunctional. It can be a table lamp, a floor lamp, or a pendant lamp. However, the number of these multifunctional accessories is limited, and the specific inventory is shown in the images below. Updates may be delayed.


If you are interested, please click this link to send me an email, or this link to send me a text message. Additionally, my email address is, and my phone number is 401-328-0113.

Special Collection - Mission To The Moon

Parametric Design

$69 Each (including a light bulb and a socket)


Printed Modular Lamp

$169 Each (including a light bulb and a socket) Color: Blue, grey, black, white.


Devoted to Innovation Design

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