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Outlook on Life

With great power comes great responsibility.  — Spider-Man

Every kid dreams about being a superhero. Having powers, saving people. But no kid thinks about what it's like to be a hero and not saving people. Truth is, not much else changes. You still hurt, you still love, you still wish and hope and fear things, and you still need people to help you with all of it. In some ways, that's the best part.                                                                                                 — The Flash

Yechen likes watching movies or TV shows about superheroes, such as Marvel, DC and Vampire. Among the many superheroes, Yechen only loves Flash. Not because of his scarlet shirt or amazing speed, but because most of the time he is just an ordinary person. The Flash will not dare to confess, will not want to go to work, will have procrastination. And He has love, hatred, and helplessness, but still has great enthusiasm and hope for life, and constantly strives to surpass himself for the people he loves. More importantly, he is not a lonely hero, he has many relatives and friends and the Team Flash. The Flash also taught Yechen that he can also be his own superhero. Their powers don't decide who they are. They do. When the dream becomes distant and unrealistic, when the pressure of life makes me breathless, look at the Flash, think of every struggle he has, Yechen will ask himself — are you really trying?

Introduction Video

CACRE 2020 Oral Presentation


2020 China-U.S. Young Maker Competition

12th User Experience Design Award

Field Research in Suzhou (Internship in CDI)

CSL 2021 New Year Party (Internship in CSL)

Project Dissertation in Shanghai University


Graduation July 12, 2021


Devoted to Innovation Design

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