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Scentopia (work in progress)


Scentopia is a mountain-shaped unique olfactory interface that evokes a sense of connection to nature and feelings of tranquility.


Its personalized Spatial Olfaction with dynamic head tracking gives you an immersive experience for virtual reality (VR) and meditation, with scents that surround you. Using watch-level motors and gear systems, along with gyroscope sensing, the released scent will rotate 360 degrees, creating a subtle and varied olfactory experience. The cap for dimensionalizing the scent can be customized in shape, which enhances its fashionable attributes.

Self-Driven Project


Spatial Olfaction Computing

Olfactory Interfaces

My Skills

Olfactory interfaces research


Tangible prototype making

Electronic design (ESP32 S2 MINI)


17th Annual International Design Awards (IDA): Silver;

Core77 Design Awards 2024 Student Notable Emerging Technologies Award;


Scentopia stands at the intersection of technological innovation and human sensory experience, addressing a key gap in the virtual reality landscape. In an era where immersive digital experiences are becoming increasingly prevalent, Scentopia introduces an entirely new dimension by integrating the sense of smell. This relevance is accentuated by the growing recognition of the powerful role scent plays in evoking emotions, triggering memories, and enhancing overall well-being. It redefines digital experiences through scent, while its appropriateness is grounded in fostering a seamless and emotionally resonant interaction with technology.



Despite being an olfactory interface, it features the shape of a mountain and is presented as a necklace, enhancing the product's stylish appeal. The design evokes positive emotions such as tranquility, joy, and an appreciation for the beauty of nature, thereby enhancing the wearer's overall well-being. Moreover, it also offers a diverse range of tactile sensations. The upper layer of the product is crafted from anodized aluminum with a skin-friendly coating, employing the extrusion process. The lower layer of the product utilizes TPE material and is manufactured using the Injection Molding technique.



The neck-worn configuration ensures easy access and comfortable wearability, reducing the weight and discomfort associated with traditional head-mounted devices. The technology behind the device ensures an accurate and controlled release of scents, ensuring that the blended fragrances are dispersed in a balanced and harmonious manner. The ability to blend scents empowers users to personalize their experiences, fostering creativity and self-expression. Moreover, it can bring a sense of comfort and connection, bridging geographical distances through scent-triggered memories for those who have left their homes for education or work.



It introduces a pioneering approach by seamlessly integrating the sense of smell into VR and shows the concept of Spatial Olfaction Computing. It is an innovative olfactory interface elegantly worn around the neck, alleviating the pressure typically associated with head-mounted VR gear. This device boasts six foundational scents that can be artfully blended to fashion an assortment of distinct digital fragrances. The diffusion apparatus, thoughtfully positioned at various angles concurrently, boasts the capability to revolve a full 360 degrees, thereby engendering an olfactory encounter characterized by varying levels of intensity.


Scent has the power to evoke cultural or environmental connections. This product can be particularly valuable for individuals who are far from their home regions, helping them stay connected to their roots. The emotional regulation properties of scent can contribute to people's well-being. In a fast-paced and stressful society, the ability to induce calming or uplifting emotions through customized scents can have a positive impact on mental health. Additionally, refillable scent cartridges and using natural and responsibly sourced ingredients can contribute to a more sustainable product lifecycle.


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Last updated Sep.10, 2023




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