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Share A Space is a platform that offers a virtual market for spare space that appeals to college students for cost, accessibility, and safe appeal. It also offers both institutions and homeowners easily repurpose spaces which can now bring revenue. It is an easy, affordable, and accessible alternative to storage units for students while homeowners can make more efficient use of spare space and earn extra money.


The first stakeholders are students. Students often face the problem of needing storage space for their belongings as they move back and forth frequently during the year. The second stakeholders are institutions and local property owners who find that they have spare space to rent to students and are interested in generating income.

UI UX Course


Sarah Frix, Jennifer Kim


Adam Smith

My Skills

Market Research

High-Fidelity Interface Design

​Motion Design

Competitors Research

Competitors Research

Jones Moving & Storage



Facebook Marketplace

Service scope

Providence only

​Collaborating with RISD

Cover entire US (however, not every city has this service)

​NY only

Cover entire US

Network Size

Space Type


Small network

Company’s own space

Prices starts from $300, however, it includes transportation and packing service fee.

Medium network

Private space

Prices starts from $5.95/day/item

 UI Design

Interface score: 1

Interface score: 4

Small network

Commercial stores' space

Prices starts from $7.95/day/item (can be paid hourly)

Large network

Private space

Prices paid monthly.

Interface score: 2

Interface score: 3

Desgin Matrix

Design Matrix

User Experience

截屏2023-05-14 14.40.06.png
截屏2023-04-01 19.10.10.png

Home-owned business, In a way, it's safer. But it lacks a security verification system and some monitoring feedback for customers to see.

截屏2023-04-01 19.11.32.png

Facebook is a chat app, so marketspace has the ability to chat and view merchants information. However, some way of security verification is missing, and the transaction is private without security guarantees.

截屏2023-04-01 19.12.42.png

Neighbor has a comfortable interface, however, lacks some security verification and requires a request to rent space, making it somewhat unsuitable for people with urgent needs. There is a little guarantee of safety - that is, costumers can choose to buy insurance.

截屏2023-04-01 19.15.04.png

Vertoe has a comfortable interface, however, lacks some security verification and requires a request to rent space, making it somewhat unsuitable for people with urgent needs.

Market Gap

截屏2023-05-14 14.40.40.png

Feeling of security: Apart from the security control function of the App itself, in theory, the more customers communicate with the merchant, the better they know the merchant and the more secure they feel.
Spatial commerciality: Divided into privat
e property empty space and commercial space. Private Property space on private property can be divided into spaces for spare houses and spaces where the landlord lives but has spare rooms. The closer to the origin of the coordinate axis, the stronger the privacy.

Design opportunity: Since we are all students with a design background, we're going to focus on designing a good security verification system because trust and security are very important in this app. Furthermore, most current existing apps use commercial spaces for luggage storage. We will focus on building a community - people can share the empty space of their property and get the most out of them.

Qustionnaire Survey

Questionnaire Survey

截屏2023-04-03 01.26.56.png
截屏2023-04-03 01.26.39.png
截屏2023-04-03 01.25.09.png
截屏2023-04-03 01.24.01.png
截屏2023-04-03 01.24.24.png

We sent out questionnaires to people around us and received a total of 20 valid responses. From the survey results, it can be seen that 45% of the respondents would like to sublet their vacant houses. After subletting, 45% of them would choose to store their original luggage in commercial luggage storage, while 40% would choose to store their luggage at a friend's house. The items in their luggage are mainly clothes and electronic products. Since most of the surveyed individuals are students at RISD and RISD has a partnership with Jones Moving & Storage, 45% of them would look for this store as a commercial luggage storage place.



Institution (RISD)


About: Josh was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. He attended Murray State University, where he graduated with a B.S. in Business and an MBA.

Goals: He hopes to enhance the on-campus student experience while maintaining a solid and defined structure.

Name: Josh Jones

Age: 32

Occupation: Director of RISD Residence Life


1. A high-quality service to help students' problems.

2. Help the RISD Residence Life segment increase revenue.

3. Improve students' happiness index in RISD.

截屏2023-04-01 23.02.50.png

About: Her oldest son has just moved out permanently so his room is now an empty space. Grace is not wanting to downsize anytime soon, but bills are not getting any cheaper.

Goals: Make some extra pocket money that doesn’t require her to have to take another job.

Name: Grace Lane

Age: 53

Occupation: Sales Assistant


1. Something that makes money but doesn't require a lot of effort.

2. Meet different and interesting people.


截屏2023-04-01 22.57.57.png

About: Claire is from Fort Lee, NJ. She majors in Textiles. She has an internship each summer and will sublet her own place.

She has lots of school materials and large appliances like a heater to deal with when sublets her space.

Goals: She wants a place that is safe and close to the house to store her belongings. Also, she needs help with the luggage.

Name: Claire Wang

Age: 21

Occupation: Undergraduate


1. A high-quality service to help students' problems.

2. Help the RISD Residence Life segment increase revenue.

3. Improve students' happiness index in RISD.

截屏2023-04-01 22.58.10.png

Name: Mark Henderson
Age: 19
Occupation: undergraduate

About: Mark is from Chicago, Illinois. He majors in Computer Science. He prefers to spend his summer with his family back home.

He has lots of clothing and electronic appliances that he needs to store over the break since he lives in the school dormitories and his home is far.

Goals: He wants a place like a commercial storage space where it is close to his school. Also, he prefers a driver to pick up his belongings.

1. Full service which includes transportation of heavy items.
2. Insured security for loss and damages.
3. The environment of storage space is not prone to theft.

截屏2023-04-01 19.40.43.png


Home Storage.jpg


Home Storage.jpg

RISD (Institition)

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Home Storage.jpg

To enhance the user experience, we have focused on considering how to add some functions to the app to improve the security of the storage service process. The highlighted areas in red are methods that foster familiarity and increase trust between homeowners and students.

High Fidelity Intefaces

High Fidelity Interfaces

Slide 4_3 - 10.gif
Slide 4_3 - 12.gif
Slide 4_3 - 11.gif
share a space.png
Futur AR Feature

Future High Tech

Slide 4_3 - 14 (1).gif

Use AR to automatically measure luggage for students and generate floor plans for institutions/homeowners.


Devoted to Innovation Design

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