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The inspiration for designing this garment originated from a performance by the Opera of Future group at the MIT Museum. Unlike traditional flute playing, the performers used the flute to create a myriad of "unusual" sounds. This led me to contemplate the effects of the collision between traditional and electronic music, and how a single performer's playing could achieve a concert-like experience. Approaching the design from a clothing perspective, garments have accompanied humanity for countless years, yet they lack intelligent functionality. What if there was clothing that could actively generate sound? Taking cues from tuxedos as a prototype, I devised a garment capable of generating sound autonomously and harmonizing with the performer to create a collaborative musical experience.

Other sound design work: Anthropomorphic Fabric, PlantMax, Inflatable Suit.

Self-Driven Project


RISD Fall 2022, Concept To Clothing


Meg DeCubellis

My Skills

Sound design

Apparel design

Digital Part

Digital Part

There are two gyroscopes in the circuit, one on the left and one on the right side of the back: when the user's arm moves, the data from the gyroscope sensor changes. This changed data is then passed into the Max/Msp to produce different sounds through specific programs and music synthesizers. In addition, Bluetooth communication is used to make the product wireless.



Apparel Design

Apparel Design

Since this project is inspired by the symphony, the garment for it should symbolize solemnity and nobility. The whole garment is designed based on the tailcoat and here are some variations: The use of cowl sleeves can make the shoulders look wider. The waist part is made of spandex material and laser-cut patterns, which means to highlight the dynamic beauty of the user's body movement when performing. The lapel adopts a standing 3D structure, which makes this flat garment looks more three-dimensional. An open pocket on the back is used to store electronic components.

Materials: Wool & Lycra, Spandex.

Another Garment

Since it is an apparel course, I designed and made a shirt for myself...

Material: Silk & Lurex 




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