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Self-Driven Research Project


2023 spring semester RISD Grad Studio II


Paolo Cardini, Brian Jablonski

My Skills

Data collection

3D molding

Hardware design (Arduino)


Plantform consists of a network of sensors, a physical platform, and a digital platform, all of which can be utilized in a garden that opens to the public. This system effectively visualizes data from the sensor network, allowing for remote monitoring of the plant's living environment across different areas of the garden. Its purpose is to enhance our understanding of the connections between ecological processes and human lifestyle choices, while also enabling stakeholders to make well-informed decisions regarding garden management. This technology has versatile applications across various aspects of our lives. Notable examples include real-time remote control in healthcare, traffic, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, offering exceptional convenience. 


I believe that creating a sustainable future requires more than just individual efforts. We need to engage people worldwide in this endeavor as much as possible, and Plantform allows people with access to smartphones and the internet to participate.

Plantform Architecture
Plantform Product Design
Product Implementation
Plantform (1).jpg
Data Collection
Plantform Digital
Plantform Tangible
Plantform Scenario

Devoted to Innovation Design

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